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Our menu includes a wide selection from the various regions of China; hot and spicy Hunan or Szechwan food, the hearty and filling fare of Peking, light food of Canton and the sweet delicacies of Shanghai. An atmosphere of warmth and excellent service, Chinese food and cuisine that is an unforgettable place that you will recommend to all of your friends and family. .




Spring Roll (1) Shanghai


Golden-fried vegetarian spring roll filled with fresh mixed vegetables

Crab Rangoon (4) Mandarin 


Golden-fried crispy dumplings filled with cream cheese & imitation crab meat

Samosas (6) Indian


Deep-fried golden crispy triangular wraps filled with curry vegetables

Spicy Shrimp Wontons (6)  Szechwan  Spicy


Steamed wontons over a bed of spinach with a dash of spicy Szechwan sauce

Pork Fried Dumplings (6)  Mandarin


Crispy fried dumplings filled with ground pork and vegetables

Pot Stickers (6)  Mandarin


Pan-seared dumplings with ground meat & mixed vegetable fillings

Salt & Pepper Shrimp  Hunan


Fried shrimp stir-fried with bits of vegetables, sprinkled with salt & pepper

Salt & Pepper Calamari  Hunan


Fried calamari stir-fried with bits of vegetables, sprinkled with salt & pepper

Hacked Shrimp Szechwan  Spicy


Boiled shrimp with cucumbers, carrots and scallions and a tasty blend of spices

Satay Beef(4) Szechwan


Tender strip of beef marinated in ginger garlic satay sauce on a skewer served on small grill

Egg Drop Soup Canton


Daily-fresh soup of vegetables and egg in a light savory broth

Hot & Sour Soup Peking Spicy


Pork, soft bean curd & mushrooms cooked daily in a rich & spicy broth

Shrimp Wonton Soup (4) Peking


Traditional Chinese shrimp dumplings served with spinach in a chicken broth

Vegetable Tofu Soup Peking


A combination of fresh vegetables & tofu in a light soup

Tom Yum Chicken Soup Thai  Very Spicy   


Sliced chicken cooked with tomato & basil in a spicy and sour soup

Tom Yum Shrimp Soup Thai   Very Spicy


Jumbo shrimp cooked with tomato & basil in a spicy and sour soup

Seafood Soup Peking


Jumbo shrimp, scallops & mixed vegetables in a light egg white soup

Szechwan Pickled Cabbage Szechwan Spicy


Shredded cabbage, carrots & red peppers mixed in a sweet, light dressing

Jungle Salad Laos


Spring mix & strawberries served with Southern Asian peanut dressing

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