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Our menu includes a wide selection from the various regions of China; hot and spicy Hunan or Szechwan food, the hearty and filling fare of Peking, light food of Canton and the sweet delicacies of Shanghai. An atmosphere of warmth and excellent service, Chinese food and cuisine that is an unforgettable place that you will recommend to all of your friends and family. .



Hunan Beef Hunan  Spicy


Thin slices of beef stir-fried with fresh seasonal vegetables in a brown sauce

Beef with BroccoliMandarin


Slices of beef sautéed with fresh broccoli in a savory brown sauce

Vegetable Beef Mandarin


Beef stir-fried with an assortment of fresh vegetables in a brown sauce

Beef in Garlic Sauce Szechwan  Spicy


Shredded beef stir-fried with shredded vegetables in a delicate garlic sauce

Kung Bao Beef Szechwan  Spicy


Shredded beef sautéed with roasted peanuts & chili peppers

Pepper Steak Mandarin


Shredded beef sautéed with fresh green peppers & onions in a Mandarin sauce

Mongolian Beef Peking


Thin slices of beef sautéed with green & yellow onions

Hot Pepper Beef Hunan  Spicy


Beef stir-fried with jalapeño peppers & green onions in a light brown sauce

Panang Curry Beef Thai  Very Spicy


Beef, string beans & basil simmered in a spicy Panang curry sauce

Crispy Beef Peking  Spicy


Crispy-fried shredded beef stir-fried with strips of mixed vegetables

Orange Beef Hunan  Spicy


Golden-crispy beef sautéed in a spicy orange sauce with red chili peppers

Golden Sesame Beef Mandarin


Crispy-fried beef stir-fried in a brown sauce with fresh vegetables & sesame seeds

*Prices are subjected to change without notice